“Street view” the ocean

You know how you can view your street in 3D in Google Maps?
You can view our oceans too!

Catlin Seaview is a collaboration of different institutes and researchers, working to map the world’s coral reefs. The XL Catlin Seaview survey is covering a vast amount of our shallow oceans with their high-res 3D underwater camera. The goal is to monitor changes in coral health and, with sharing the imagery, to create awareness around the globe.

My goal is for you to get into marine life and oceans. Literally (: In ‘street’ view you can float by a patch of coral or swim alongside a whale. The third dimension is more valuable when under water, because the beauty is all around you. I can tell you I really enjoy watching the colourful corals and searching the footage for signs of sea mammals or turtles. Join me, dive in!

I’ve selected some good footage for you to start with
You can drag the image and jump further along the “road” just like in regular street view.

  • Humpback whale in Rarotonga, Cook Islands (guess where my LinkedIn header came from)
  • Coral wall on Wishbone reef in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • The Underwater Museum of Isla Mujeres, Mexico
  • Turtle and a ball of fish in Pedras Secas, Brazil (you’ll have to search for the fish ball yourself by wandering around. Let me know if you found it in the comments)


Want more?

Other beautiful places on earth can be found on google street view as well  

XL catlin seaview survey website with more info on their project

Chasing coral – a Netflix series showing the work put into this kind of underwater monitoring, and giving you a glimpse of the mass coral bleaching problem in all our oceans..



2 thoughts on ““Street view” the ocean

  1. Hoi, hoi, raak niet uitgekeken. Dat koraal in Japan, zou dat echt zo groeien of zijn het stokjes waar het koraal op is gaan groeien?
    Vond het heel leuk om je zondag even te zien. Heb ik ook een beeld waar jij nu vertoeft.
    Lieve groetjes,


    1. Hoi diana! Leuk dat je hebt gekeken. Mooi he. Dat rif in japan is een artificieel rif inderdaad. Is een soort broedkamer om de koraalriffen daar te redden. Als het goed is plaatsen ze de koralen later weer over naar andere locaties.
      Was inderdaad gezellig om even te skypen. Zullen we vaker doen ! xxx


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