Weekend with Rob

This weekend Rob came over! We planned on doing much, ended up doing little. I enjoyed it loads ❤ Our weekend in pictures

I am so happy Rob arrived on Thursday. Molly was sweet to let him into my apartment, since I had lectures still. At night we went out for dinner at Turtle Bay, and met up with Rachel for student shopping night (didn’t buy anything though. We both don’t like crowded places and become too stressed to decide if something is worth the money.) It felt good to have this extra ‘day’ together. Suddenly the weekend seems to start at Friday, you know.
After my Friday morning lecture Rob came over to the NOC. It is restricted area for non-students, but well.. we figured we could bend the rules a bit for Science’s sake. I showed him around and we went studying together at the library. I got distracted (:

At night we went out for dinner again. Tapas at BarCelona. The ambience was amazing, the food a bit disappointing. As you can tell I was happy either way.

Saturdays are for the gym. I loved having a gym buddy for once, it’s motivating not to be alone there all the time. Rob didn’t bring his sport shoes haha, so he did his routine on socks!

We did not do much during the day, so we felt like we should get out of the house. I really wanted to show Mettricks to Rob as it is slowly becoming my favorite teahouse/bar/chill place. We hit the jackpot with the big leather couch in front of the open window. (As Sheldon would say ‘that seat is close enough to the bar to check up on your ordered drinks, it is located inside so you’re warm enough. It has the best view because facing outward without feeling the crossbreeze in winter‘.) We also hit the jackpot with the Music in the City event going on. We got there for a tea at 4, but stayed until 8.30 pm because it was so damn romantic and cozy and everything.

Listen to the beautiful music we enjoyed here: Justin Capps

Sunday started with a brunch at Mettricks (yep) with my roomies! After Sarah, Rob and I went shopping at WestQuay. This time we did manage to buy something.

Today Rob flew home again. It can be quite difficult to support my own decision of moving to the UK alone, when saying goodbye to my love (again) feels so hard. This morning’s lecture showed me right though. And Rob and I.. well we are good ❤



3 thoughts on “Weekend with Rob

  1. Ja, lieve Jouke, hier moet je het weer een tijdje mee doen maar zo te lezen was het een heel gezellig weekend en met steun van je vriendinnen daar gaat het zeker lukken.


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