Exciting weekend w/ Roel & Lisa

Finally found some time to talk about the weekend Roel and Lisanne came over!

We made quite a good arrangement in the house. As you can imagine it is more complicated to have two people over than one. So I slept with my flatmate and Roel and Lisa had my room. Although it is hard for me not to have any “own space” for a whole weekend it worked very well.

We started the weekend with some napping in the park

Hahaha, I’m not even joking. We had spent the whole day wandering around the city. (and also they got up at 5am to be at the airport in time) We walked through the city centre to Ocean Village where we had the best lunch. In the sun! On our way back home we decided to just soak in all this lovely weather. We found the perfect spot for it – Roel approved 🙂

We had cocktails at night at BarCelona, but we were all soon ready for bed and ready for the next day. We spend most of Saturday in the Bouldering hall. It is a lot of fun doing this with a small group, even if the levels differ. I enjoyed that we could help each other with the routes and just spend time doing sports while it did not feel like it. The next morning we could feel the burn though! I’m definitely doing this again.

At night we had a good dinner at Turtle bay – my new fav! Sunday we spend the morning shopping for Roel. He bought Timberlands. Which is a really funny thing for me, because I have applied for a job there. And they don’t have a place for me yet but I told them ‘I’ll bring you customers instead’. It’s working. Roel is the third to buy there!

At 4pm we had booked an escape room at Exciting Escapes. We did so well! It was a very doable room, but still, we struggled a bit. We got stuck 3 times. We got by with a phone call from the year 1957. In the end, we got out 5:46 mins before time!

Detectives from 1957

We had a cozy and fun weekend. Loved all the chatting & laughs Roel and Lisa ❤ I am so happy my friends make the effort to come over from the Netherlands!



2 thoughts on “Exciting weekend w/ Roel & Lisa

  1. We vonden het super leuk om bij je langs te komen! We hebben leuke dingen gedaan maar ook erg leuk om een kijkje te nemen in je leven in Southampton. Ik heb even een paar dagen helemaal niet aan alle dingen gedacht die ik nog moest doen:) En wat hebben we genoten zeg! Ik hoop dat je tussen het harde werken kan genieten van al het mooie weer, parkwandelingen in Rape Park, koffietjes bij Mettricks, etentjes, escape rooms, boulderen met nieuwe vrienden en andere mensen die je komen opzoeken!
    Liefs Lisanne

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