Snapshots !

The past few days I have not been active on this blog. That’s because it is deadline and exam time! I have been studying for my zooplankton exam on Tuesday this week. Nailed it and even enjoyed doing it, so that’s good. Also, we have to write four (!) reports on the Boat week we did – a lot of work. I handed in three out of four reports now. One to go. In the meantime, we still have lectures (which don’t get any easier) and we have a social life too. Since I should be working on my last report instead of writing this, I will keep it short. Some snapshots from the past couple of weeks:

Evelyn, Rachel, Molly and I have been active with the dive club. One of the main things was trying on dry suits. As you can see from our faces it’s hard work to even get it on. But Ev and I can say from experience now: it keeps you dry. Look at petit Rachel ❤ She is getting one custom made. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of Molly in a drysuit yet. Can’t wait to see all that curly hair coming out through the neck seal haha!

With Ev at the Greek
With Charly at Bill’s

I have been out for dinner a few times the past weeks. Eating out is cheaper here than in the Netherlands, and it forms a welcome distraction from school work.

Ev and I went for a very spontaneous dinner at the Greek and were surprised by ‘special greek night’. We vielen met onze neus in de boter, we would say in Dutch. There were traditional Greek musicians. We shared our table with two lovely older ladies. And we had Meze, 10 small typical Greek dishes. Delish.
Another one of my favourite dine-outs was actually a lunch. At Bill’s, with Charly. Bill’s is my new go-to restaurant.  The ambiance was just right and the food was healthy and yummy. Charly is the best company to have these easy dinners with.

Most time we spend in lectures. I have most lectures on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Only a few hours on other days. But, we have more lectures on Tuesday night! For our diving course. Best to have good company like sweet Molly!

Here you can see some food I made. It turns out, I am quite the cook here! Molly even called me mama one day because I serve veggies haha! Don’t tell Rob btw, at home I don’t have to cook so often because I’m not good at it. 

New bank account

Finally, I opened a UK bank account! And since I am missing home, I felt like this picture is a good reminder of my sweet sisters and one of my fav places in the Netherlands; Ouddorp.

Some final snaps from the last few weeks. I try to go to the gym as often as I can. It is right here in the building, so no reason not to go. I usually do 20 mins of cardio and 40 mins of weights. I am trying to get my shaped biceps back like I had when I still did gymnastics.

My new hobby is window shopping. It’s not the best hobby, but the shopping in Southampton is sooo.. accessible 🙂 Most of the time I end up buying nothing because I don’t like spending money, or because I can’t choose. (But mum! I bought the green skirt finally).

Last but not least: school. Practica like the one in the picture are in the past. Right now I have to go work on my final boat week report and prepare for my dissertation (thesis) meeting on Thursday. Bye x


3 thoughts on “Snapshots !

  1. He hebben we dezelfde rok !! Ook de gewone dingen zijn heerlijk om te lezen.
    Leuk hoor dat je het met die meiden zo goed kan vinden . Wie had dat gedacht he aan het begin van je engelse avontuur .
    XXX Imelda


  2. Leuk weer wat van je te lezen.
    Succes met je verslag en donderdag met het afstudeergesprek.
    Lieve groetjes,
    ps ik maak donderdag boerenkool. Opa en Cees komen hier eten. Het wordt mijn eerste boerenkool. Erg laat voor mijn doen.

    Liked by 1 person

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