Leaving Southampton Uni

Today is my last day in Southampton. As you all know, I came here to do a second masters degree in Oceanography. I took a leap of faith in order to reach for my dreams: working as a marine conservationist in the field. The past few months though, I found out that this study is not the best way to get there.

Oceanography turned out to be a more physics and chemics focussed course than I thought it would be. Modules like ‘introduction to physical oceanography’ were challenging and interesting but did not fulfill my craving for marine ecology. In fact, the subjects I write about on my blog (turtles, coral reef ecology, conservation programs) were not covered in much detail at all. Other, if not the most, valuable lessons you learn at university are academic skills. I must acknowledge that Uni of Southampton did a great job offering a detailed course called MSc Key Skills. Though, I mostly know the tricks. My previous studies (and probably my job as well) have trained me so well in skills like academic writing, literature reviews, and reporting concisely, that the course did not supplement my education.

It might sound like I have made the wrong decision by coming here, but I learned a great deal about what I want and the field I want to work in. Since arriving here in Southampton I made some valuable contacts, including my friends who will all be working in the field within a year from now. And the diving community here, with many of them working in a related field.

This all leads me to believe that I can already go for that job! I know what my strong suits are, I know what I still need to learn. I have established a small network. Guess what, I have my first job interview in January, in Portsmouth.

Not saying goodbye to England just yet  🙂

What I’m gonna miss (click to enlarge)



2 thoughts on “Leaving Southampton Uni

  1. Lieve Jouke, niets is voor niets. Je bent weer een stapje verder in het bewerkstelligen van het maken van jou doel in het leven. Knap dat jij weet wat je wilt. Menig persoon zal heel jaloers op je zijn.
    Het is een geweldige ervaring geweest en je hebt er heerlijke vriendinnen aan overgehouden.
    En…..nu al een gesprek. Top. Ze zullen spijt krijgen wanneer ze jou niet aannemen hoewel het voor ons jammer zal zijn je niet dichtbij ons te hebben.
    Zelf vind ik Portsmouth een hele leuke stad om te vertoeven. Mooie gin daar. 🙂 En…mooi zeil gebied.

    Tot gauw,

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