Shark course finished

I am so very proud to have finished the massive online open course hosted by Cornell University and the University of Queensland: Sharks! Global biodiversity, Biology, and Conservation. It has been the most intensive and challenging EdX course I have done so far (this was my 4th EdX course), teaching me about evolution, reproduction, circulatory systems, electrosensory systems and much much more.

It has provided me with new information on shark biology I did not expect to learn in an open online course. For instance, I now know about DNA sequencing, shark teeth diversity and regeneration, and the full gestation period of different types of sharks. It has been such hard work. I guess you can finish this course in a quick and perfunctory manner if you wish, but to really understand everything it requires some effort. Random fun fact from the course; sharks hearts have only two chambers – one atrium and one ventricle.

There will be some more blog posts on sharks the coming months!

Bull shark duo – Source: Ray Troll

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