Project AWARE

One of my favourite conservation organisations is Project AWARE. It brings together a community of (mostly) divers to campaign for cleaner oceans and protection of sharks and rays. Project AWARE is an independent non-profit organisation but was originally founded as an activist project by PADI the dive association.  AWARE employs staff in the US, UK, and Australia and prides itself on having volunteers making up their main body: the My Ocean community.

The AWARE work involves research, education, and action! A combination close to my heart. On the website, AWARE lays out the two problems (marine debris and threatened sharks/rays) in a clear and concise manner. I definitely want to join the two specialty courses designed by project AWARE: the Dive against debris specialty course, and the shark conservation distinctive specialty course. These courses are available for everyone, also non-divers.

Project AWARE poster

Research is carried out by the staff, but also by the volunteers. You can join MyOcean on their website, and start your actions to contribute to a cleaner ocean or to protect sharks and rays. As a MyOcean member, you can register any finds of marine debris. Divers all over the world collect info about location and type of debris. Creating a global map to be used by AWARE to convince governmental parties of the urgency of the problems their countries face.

Good practice if you are a diver 🙂

You can see whether your local dive shop is a 100% AWARE partner, meaning that they take ocean protection to heart. Also, if you’re interested you should see the Our World Our Water book!



2 thoughts on “Project AWARE

  1. Kan mij voorstellen dat dit echt iets voor jou is. En wat een uitgebreid protocol zeg. Hebben jullie de actie in Engeland ook op die site gezet?


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