Rays in Bonaire Part 1 – Spotted eagle rays

The first glimpse of our amazing trip to Bonaire. Showing you my two best experiences underwater, which both featured rays! Part 1 of 2

My aunt Clara, who owns a house on Bonaire, had told me about the spotted eagle rays she has seen during some of her snorkel trips. She also told me not to get my hopes up, because my excitement was real! (for the ones who know me, ‘you know me’ 😉 ) I could not help myself but be a little liiiittle disappointed already after my first dive because I did not get to see them. How spoiled… But well, this would be a dream.!!!

And so my dreams came true. The second dive (only 50 minutes after that first dive) included spotted eagle rays. Two of them! They swam majestically together, seemingly flying. It was truly magical. The front one had a nice clear pattern of white spots on black skin, with an impressively long tail. The one in the rear was clearly harmed in some way (possibly by sharks). He did not have his tail anymore and his wings were damaged.

Swimming along the pillars of Salt pier
About 15 meters away from us
Swimming past on the other side again
Exemplary spotted eagle ray – source: Feel Bonaire
Happy face after seeing the rays!

Stay tuned for a southern stingray! Part 2


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