Rays in Bonaire Part 2 – Southern stingray

The first glimpse of our amazing trip to Bonaire. Showing you my two best experiences underwater, which both featured rays! Part 2 of 2. See part 1 here.

I love scuba diving and I am always improving myself. Lately, I’ve decided to pause the scuba courses and certifications for a while though and just get some experience diving ‘free’ (not to be confused with freediving, something I do want to start a course in :)). Anyhow, I would not be me if I did not set some goals or dreams for myself during the recreational dives. I’d like to become more experienced in discovering creatures under water. It is quite hard to find a particular species of fish or coral, even when you are looking for it. The guide always seems to see it first. How cool would it be, being able to spot and name some of the species myself? I want to become an underwater naturalist.

Then this happened. On our last day, mom and I had booked a guided snorkel trip on a trimaran sailing vessel, bound to set sail for Klein Bonaire. The snorkel “dives” were amazing. We got to see so many beautiful creatures – even two species of turtles!

mom and I snorkeling ❤

At the end of the last snorkel dive, I ended up in the back (don’t wanna finish this!) looking around for… I don’t know. Distracted by all the fish. Then I saw what I thought was a spear. A spear hunter must have lost it (is that even possible?). So I go to clean up this spear. But when I got close I realised the spear had eyes, haha. See photo.

fish - southern stingray 3 - edit
Just saw the tail at first

Had to do a bit of freediving for this photo. I swam up again and caught my breath. The other people were too far away so I decided to treasure this moment for myself. I started filming, approaching the ray from behind, getting really close so it would swim away. And it did. To see it in full appreciation. Magic. It’s only a fish you know, but they’re so cool. See the short clip below and my happy face.

Southern stingray swimming off
bye bye fishie
soooo excited!

3 thoughts on “Rays in Bonaire Part 2 – Southern stingray

  1. Leuk even met jou een beetje de vakantie opnieuw te beleven en wat prachtig gefilmd. Schrok je niet toen de rog ineens wegschoot? Ik was voorbereid maar schrok toch nog een beetje. Kijk uit naar nog meer foto’s.

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