Animal friendly tourism

I’ve have been editing this post in draft for a long time now. Sometimes it’s better just to get the message out. Also, WWF recently provided a great list on this topic (in Dutch) with clear explanations. Please read on, click the link and do some research of your own! Love x

If you are planning your holidays and wish to not harm any animals while enjoying your well-deserved days off, please read on. Every year thousands of tourists make the same mistake of taking part in harmful animal related tourist attractions. Even an eco-friendly tourist may be bound to fall for the alluring thought of interacting with animals while being out in nature. But 9 out of 10 times, some internet research can tell you why the practice of riding an elephant or cuddling baby tigers is more detrimental than it may seem at first sight.

Tread lightly at your country of destination, and do not:

  1. Do not ride elephants
  2. Do not cuddle with tigers, neither young nor mature
  3. Do not participate in whale shark diving in Cebu, Philippines
  4. Do not visit crocodile farms
  5. Do not buy animal souvenirs (snakeskin handbag, ivory ornaments)
  6. Do not pay to watch dolphins or other cetaceans perform
  7. Do not touch turtles, coral or sharks underwater
  8. Do not join in a lion cub walk
  9. Do not watch bear pit displays
People protect what they love – Jacques Yves Cousteau (source: Project Aware)

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